Professor Reynolds Vitae

Southwestern Energy – 2009 to present

Exploration & Production Integrated Solutions Architect at Southwestern Energy

Systems Engineer and Solutions Architect for Upstream Integrated Operations. Provided the vision and innovation necessary to identify and implement real-time knowledge and information program, served as the ‘connector’ between upstream operations and information solutions, and carried projects into knowledge engineering. Responsible to pull together individual systems, repositories, and operation centers to add value, efficiency, and safety to the upstream exploration and production environments.

✰ Upstream Integrated Operations
✰ Knowledge Engineering
✰ Information Discovery
✰ Real-time Intelligence
✰ Systems, Repositories, Control, and Operations

Drilling Data Analyst

Perform mathematical and scientific analysis of drilling operations, planning, and projections; extend data analysis to diverse systems using assorted tools; perform data mining; develop analysis algorithms as required.

Intent Driven Designs – 1998 to 2009

Tubular Data Systems to Web Interface (2006) – In use today; single client

Developed a web interface to a Clipper/XBase inventory management system.

GoPrint Saturation Mailing Utility (2006) – In use today; single client

Developed a single-user program to manage bulk-mail saturation mailing and Post Office reporting.

Public School Enrollment Projections (2006) – In use today; single client

Developed a single-user program to utilize census data and subdivision growth history to project school district enrollment and expansion requirements.

Custom FTP Logs Query Module (2006) – discontinued in 2008; single client

Developed a web interface to a FTP site for user querying of FTP Logs.

ESP-INC.COM (2005) – In use today; single client

Developed an E-Commerce website providing online purchasing and registrations for seminars, products, and online exam preparation.

DigiPro OCTG Pipe Inspection (1999) – in use today; Distributed throughout the United States, Canada, Romania, Korea, China

Designed and Implemented Automated Inspection Systems for Tubing and Casing Inspection Facilities and Sucker Rod Facilities using computerized data accumulation, digital signal processing, and long term data retention.

Portable Data Logger (1998) – in use today; distributed to two client locations in Texas and Louisiana

Developed a portable data accumulation application hosted on Symbol and PSion hand held computer for Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) data acquisition, logging, and reporting. Application installed in 2 Houston area facilities.

Postage Meter Interfaces (1998) – In use today; single client

Developed a single-user program to interface and download client-postage and prepare statements.

GoPrint Statement Processing and Printing (1999) – In use today; across United States

Developed a Bulk Mail processing and Postal Bar Coding application for large regional mail pre-sorting and bulk mailing centers. Application is now being marketed, in operation in 2 US facilities.

Automated Food Sortation (2002) – prototype only

Developed an NT Workstation based control system for control, automation, and monitoring of dry food sortation and quality control. System integrated custom embedded controls with National Instruments and Grayhill distributed data acquisition and control products.

Scan Systems Corporation – 1990 to 1998

Portable Tally Device (1996) – in use today in approximately 100 pipe yards throughout the United States and Canada

Designed and developed a portable 8051 based data accumulation device interfacing to a patented and proprietary tally device. Implemented an adaptive algorithm to adjust for measurement fluctuations. Implemented English to Metric conversion strategy that eliminated conversion rounding errors.

NIST Standard Traceability Records (1994) – discontinued in 2008; single client

Developed a single-user program to record and track NIST traceable standards and certified test standards.

Laser based Thread Inspection Device (1995) – prototype only

Developed an automated laser-based pipe inspection system using servo controllers.

Tubular Data Systems (1991) – In use today in 60+ locations in United States, Canada, and Argentina

Developed and Implemented Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Pipe Yard Management software. Project provides small, medium, and large companies with up to the minute inventory, traffic, and invoicing information.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – 1989 to 1990

Developed unique software to predict bank value and prepare pre-takeover documentation.

Sikorsky Aircraft – 1986 to 1989

Primary technical liaison between Sikorsky Aircraft and Rockwell Collins Government Avionics during the design, development, and validation for the Australian Anti-submarine helicopter.

General Dynamics Corporation – 1983 to 1986

Designed and Implemented state of the art weapon system design and integration for command, control, and attack in a multidisciplinary environment.

Applied Computer Technology – 1981 to 1983

Concrete Batch Control Plant.

Developed and Installed computerized on-site concrete mixing control unit. The system automated the labor intensive process of properly measuring the quantity of sand, aggregate, cement, and water prior to transport to the final pour site. The application was designed around the Z-80 processor.

Agricultural Irrigation Automation.

Developed a prototype irrigation control unit for West Texas water management and conservation based on the Z-80 microprocessor. System utilized a cyclic water dispersal approach to reduce overall irrigation water requirements.

Agricultural Weed Sprayer Control.

Developed a tractor mounted control unit for an ecologically friendly chemical based weed abatement system based on photoelectric eyes and pin-point systemic spray control. System utilized analog logic.


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