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Agile and The Grand Parkway (around Houston)

September 20, 2013

While attending a meeting about the Grand Parkway ( a comment was made about how the overall design of the parkway was set but the details were being worked so that construction could begin without the detailed design set in stone.

What a cool way to demonstrate the concept of agile software development!

As we all know, the Kanban approach to Agile Development has its roots in the 1940s at the Toyota plant. In effect, Toyota implemented Just-In-Time principals to improve efficiencies, reduce down time, and reduce inventory storage space. Kanban has been applied to the software development process with elegant Kanban Boards – both physically and virtually. However, non-developers do not understand the concept so I’ll try, today and in the future, to provide non-software examples to the Kanban approach.


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